What is energy healing

By Risto-Matti Rantanen


H cientists have for long searched for a fundamental and all-encompassing force, for instance through such disciplines as quantum mechanics and astrophysics. Science has advanced tremendously, and is evidenced by a wonderful technology, which is today at our disposal. Energy healers instead have already thousands of years ago found and utilized that same basic force, which scientists are trying to catch up with particle accelerators, radio telescopes and computer simulations. But you see the universe is actually made of love, or the great spirit, or life force. Everything is spirit in the most profound sense, and this spirit dwells in everything that can be observed as either alive or not alive. This force is everything, and its manifestations are endless. It can be observed from an endless number of viewpoints, because it embodies as matter, vibration, information, understanding, thoughts, inspiration, and creative power, for instance. We all are part of the great spirit and we are the creators of our own world. We are able to use this life force energy to the extent of our own will and strength of belief.

human being lives from this life force energy. One can draw it to oneself or others, or deliberately direct it to a situation or goal, in which case the goal becomes easier to attain. One's ability to draw life force energy determines one's visible energy level, success, happiness, and the degree of many respectable qualities. Life force is attained for example from being in connection with nature, from music, healthy eating, meditation, prayer, from company of wise and positive people, relaxing, and from activities that rise from one's own deepest desire and inspiration.

ust as the achievements of modern physics are shown in technology applications in today's devices, also the use of life-force energy as a conscious activity is technique. As the utilization of the life force energy is about connecting directly to the most profound essence of existence, its applications, accordingly, are on another level than those of modern technology. Energy healing techniques affect the human spiritual development and happiness. With energy healing techniques people's own strengths can be strengthened. Energy healing aids in finding necessary insights and in expanding understanding, in increasing peace of mind and mental clarity, and much more.

nergy healing helps people to get in touch with their own source of inspiration, giving direction and courage. Energy healing helps in seeing the intricacies of one's own life clearer, in a broader perspective, and in a more positive light.

human being normally throughout one's life buries inside issues that one is incapable of communicating openly or finds unable to interpret or control, at the particular point in time. Such issues are, simply put, difficult emotions. When a person doesn't know how to set free a certain emotion, he takes it on a journey, and it starts complicating the life as a fear, tension, bitterness, or an unsound functioning of a physical organ, for example. When the person receives an impact to this energy blockage in a form of an energy treatment or healing touch, energy is released and this issue is offered a better potential to heal. All attitudes, ailments, talents, and so forth, are flows of energy in the deeper nature of a human being. Every personality trait, physical characteristic, illness, pattern of thinking, part of self-esteem, is also flow of energy or stagnation of energy. In relation to areas of a person's life, in which energy flows freely, the person acts liberated and capable. The intention in energy healing is to open these flows of energy.

very human being has the faculty to transmit healing energy through one's hands or just by thinking. An energy therapist can be defined as someone who has found a strong inspiration from within to harness that skill and channel healing energies to others as form of treatments. An energy therapist pursues this mission with a pure heart, dedicated to helping fellow human beings, and can thus obtain an ever growing ability in channeling healing energy. As a by-product of the transmitted energy, an experienced energy therapist also retrieves information that guides the treatment.

nergy healing is however not limited to just channeling life-force by the power of thought. The treatment can get an added dimension from different techniques, which are natural to each individual therapist. For example, intuitive massage or sounds can be used in conjunction, or countless types of other methods, that target the treatment to an appropriate area or level in the human's energy whole.

hen you have decided to let an energy treatment enhance your life, reserve some time and come when you have not scheduled any other activities for the next hours. Think of which good things you want to increase in your life and which good qualities you want to strengthen or establish in yourself. Probably you would want balance and positive mind related to issues you are encountering in your life at the moment? The treatment can also bring annoying hidden emotions to the surface, and then you would need a chance to work on them. After the treatment, it's good to give time to just yourself, preferably resting or wandering in the nature.

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