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Treatments available in Turku (Nummenmäki district), also by house calls


Nature of a session

The session begins with an initial discussion, in which the client's needs and requests are properly clarified
The actual treatment takes at least one hour
After the treatment and according to the client's needs, discussion of his goals and issues that came up, is possible in a peaceful setting



Fee for a session is 50 euro
Payment by cash, card, or invoice





What does energy healing mean?

Energy healing is transmittance of life force energy through hands. There are many names associated with this life force, but it's the energy that makes a living being alive. It is called inspiration, love, inner light, as well. In an energy work context it is often called light. The ability of a human being to draw from the source of this life force energy determines the extents of such things as his visible energy level, success, happiness, and many respected qualities. The life force energy is the love of the creator, which constructs all visible as well as invisible things.

A human being can receive life force energy for example from communion with nature, from music, from healthy eating, from meditation, from prayer, by being with people who are wise and carry positive energy, by relaxing, and by doing things that come from his own deepest desire and inspiration.

Every human being carries the ability to bring healing energy through his hands or just by thinking. An energy healer is a person who has found a strong inspiration within, to take this gift for relaying good energies to others in form of treatments. An energy healer exercises this mission with a pure heart, devoted to helping people, and thus is able to obtain a constantly strengthening talent in channeling healing energy. As a side product of this energy, an experienced energy healer will receive information and understanding that directs the treatment and when communicated to the client, helps the client better comprehend essential issues in his life and see it in a more positive light.

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What does intuitive bodywork mean?

Intuitive means guided by instinct. Intuitive bodywork differs from many other types of massage in a way that the practitioner works not according to a set formula, but finds unique methods for each individual client and for each individual session, based on guidance received from the great spirit, which we call intuition. People are different, thus each intuitive treatment is different. Often treatments made to a single client also become very different from each other. The client receives just the correct treatment for his current needs.

During the course of his life, man usually buries deep inside issues that he doesn't know how to communicate openly or cannot make sense of. These issues are, simply put, difficult emotions. When he doesn't find a way to free an emotion, he takes it along with his journey and the emotion lives on, taking its place in the physical body and starting to complicate life for example as pain, as tension, or as unhealthy functioning of an organ. When he, in form of a healing touch, receives an impulse to a muscle or for example to a nerve connected to an internal organ, energy is released, and this part of the physical body is offered an opportunity to heal. Freeing of energy is however dependent on the level of readiness and urge he currently possesses for meeting this particular emotion and paying attention to it. One of the primary goals of my treatment is to access these emotion blocks that are lurking in the body, to open them, and to help the fellow being to slowly free himself from them.

If a client of an intuitive practitioner is not fully open to accept the ideas of great spirit's guidance or emotions hidden in the body, it does not prevent the practitioner from giving a very pleasant, relieving, and invigorating massage. All good-quality massage in any case brings a sense of wellness, relaxes the body, and liberates the mind.


May I request for a type of treatment of my liking?

Sure. I have noticed that a treatment done according to the client's wishes is often the most influential. If you don't have a clear and firm vision of what elements you want in your treatment, often the best results come from letting the treatment come out in a way it naturally flows by giving me free hands to do it. In any case we will always discuss your wishes and goals and decide upon the nature of the treatment based on what comes up in this discussion. Most of my treatments are combinations of energy healing and physicaal bodywork.

Most often my bodywork concentrates on the shoulders, back, chest, hips, and head. According to the client's wishes or to my vision of what's needed, I can massage arms, hands, legs, and feet as well. Intuitive bodywork however means that the bodywork is directed to such parts of the body that feel important to work with. Therefore I do not aim at going evenly through the whole body, because it wouldn't bring you the maximum benefit. Lately I have started to utilize facial massage more, as it seems to affect in a very relaxing and lovely way to many people.


What types of methods are used in the treatments?

Mostly I use three different types of posture. The client either lies his face up or down or sits on a stool. Some treatments utilize phases of two or even three different postures, while some treatments are done using only one posture. The sitting phase happens usually in the beginning of the treatment and then we change to a lying posture in either way, face up or down. During the sitting phase I do some energy treatment and possibly some bodywork to shoulders, neck, upper back, and chest, sometimes also to arms and lower back. It's important that the client feels the sitting posture comfortable while keeping his back straight. If this is not possible, the lying posture is better.

I usually do the treatments on a wide futon mattress, made completely from cotton. On house calls any mattress will do fine.

I use chanting in conjunction with energy treatment. It means that I make voices that balance the client's energy body. Voice therapy often has a profound, very powerful balancing and vitalizing effect.


What is good to consider when coming to a treatment?

Take time and avoid scheduling activities right after the treatment. Calm your mind to a peaceful state. Come with a joyous attitude if you can. Think of what good things you want to add to your life and what qualities you want to strengthen in yourself. What qualities do you want to achieve right now? Do you want balance or maybe a positive approach to things you encounter in your life right now? Don't make a list of things that are bothering you. Instead, think of how you want your own ways of thinking and patterns of behavior, and your abilities raise above the current level in order for you to succeed in those areas that are challenges to you. The treatment helps you find inspiration and answers from inside of you.

If you feel stressed or depressed, it's not necessary to force yourself to brighten up. The most important factor in making the treatment a success is your desire to change your life for the better.

Outer factors count a bit less. For example, you can come wearing whatever clothing is the easiest for you. If possible, it's however worthwhile to choose clothes made of natural fibers and in light colors. Black and dark colored clothes let the transmitted energy through a bit more arduously than light colors.


During the treatment, how can I best contribute to its effectiveness?

Your task during the treatment is only to relax. Don't think too much and don't observe too much. It helps if you let your muscles relax as fully as possible. Don't attempt to help me by for example moving your arms or legs. For me the most important thing is that you are as comfortable as you can be, letting yourself travel in completely different worlds. If I for example have to move you arms, legs, or head to different postures, I'll do it gently.

During the treatment you can, if it feels like an easy and meaningful thing to do, keep in mind positive pictures about what you want to achieve from the treatment and in your life.

If you feel the need to do deep breathing or anything like make voices or move your hands based on how the energy feels in you, or cry, by all means it's very beneficial to do so. Deep breathing during the treatment is usually beneficial in case it doesn't feel like extra work.

It's very essential that the client speaks out if he at any time experiences any discomfort due to the treatment, posture, temperature, or something else. If you feel like going to toilet during the treatment, it's important that you do so. It's naturally a good idea to go to toilet before the treatment. Sometimes my bodywork may bring up some pain in a muscle, but in most cases it's part of the healing process and therefore this pain is necessary to experience. Many clients describe this kind of pain as pleasant. If the pain is too strong, it's good to let me know.

In most cases I do the treatments in silence, except if I come up with something important to tell or ask you related to the treatment or to your life. But my silence doesn't require silence from you. If you come up with requests about the treatment, I would like you to say them. Significant, central issues are sometimes good to discuss even during the treatment. But often it's however better to relax fully than to chat about not so significant things. Focusing on the treatment helps us both.

If you during the treatment have a feeling of lots of energetic waste releasing or coming to surface, or if you notice something like that based on your thoughts or emotions of outdated or irritating nature, you can use a visualization practice to cleanse your body of this old energy. For example, you can imagine yourself under a beautiful waterfall, and this waterfall rinses away those energies and attitudes that are attached to you but are no longer necessary to carry. If the feeling is persisting, you can continue this while going back home and at home by both visualization and doing yoga or some other means of intuitive movement or shaking your body.


How can I know I will get an effective treatment from you?

You have the ability to feel how a treatment affects in you. If it makes you feel good and inspired, it has had a profound effect on you, most likely. If you can't notice any difference between your states before and after the treatment, the treatment has not necessarily helped you, and in that case some other type of treatment, some other type of help, or strengthening your motivation to heal might be more beneficial to you. The treatment's effectiveness varies greatly between people. This is why I offer a satisfaction guarantee: you'll get the first treatment at half price if you are not 100% satisfied.

The treatment may also bring annoying emotions to surface, and make you work for a while through them. This is also a sign of a successful treatment, and this processing through your emotions helps you forward.

Well over 90 per cent of my clients are utterly grateful for their treatments. I have been doing treatments since 1998. Welcome!